tough colors

kanye's entourage is so striking.



it's a golden globes post!

since the ggs were last night, a whole slew of new pictures of lovely people have come in. as for the awards, i'm quite happy considering some of my favorites won. warning: don't look at this post if you don't want to know who won.

slumdog millionaire, my new favorite movie, won every award it was nominated for! best original score, best screenplay, best director, and best motion picture drama. if you know me, i've probably told you to see this movie.

beautiful kate winslet won both awards she was nominated for, best actress in a drama (revolutionary road, which of course i must see), and best supporting actress (the reader). previously nominated for 5 oscars and 5 golden globes without winning, it's about time.

ps watching her acceptance speech where she proclaims her love to leo (and her husband) is one of the sweetest things ever.

sally hawkins winning for happy-go-lucky, best actress in a comedy. i was pleased that i could actually be one to judge (since i saw the movie).

and my new favorite show (thank you sister), 30 rock wins for best television series comedy.

plus, a lot of people looked very nice:

and not so nice:
(mostly looking made up to be about 15 years older than they actually are - ahh lipliner)

...and just some of the rest, for the sake of more pictures:

ohnotheydidnt, bumpshack


nastia liukin

gymnasts make good models. obviously.
for max azria.



ray-bans are really cool.

since i already have a pair, these wayfarers are one of the few things that has slipped through the cracks of my new found obsession with all things expensive. materialism is fun!






diego and gael

those of my friends who remember me making them watch y tu mama tambien should watch out, considering these two are starring in the new rudo y cursi. they do make watching subtitles that much easier...