big fish

one essay down, four to go! i'm feeling lovely, a big gospel of john weight has been lifted from my shoulders. these pictures were just too weird and fun to pass up. enjoy!




what i love about these pictures is how tangible they feel, like you can sense the light touch of the jewelery, the mirror, the water. all of these amazing shoots of daul kim are showing up everywhere now.



happy thanksgiving!

i'm home, and the house smells amazing. can't wait to gorge on amazing food and spend time with friends and family. much to be thankful for!


mad world

home in two days and i can't wait! lots to do before then, but thanksgiving at home for the first time in three years sounds like perfection.




sunday is meant for catching up on work. that's what i'm doing, after a wonderful weekend. i went to a queen's football game, which we won 33-30, and rushed the field in the most wild display of school spirit i've had since frosh week. good times.
this dress is so beautiful in how precise it is.



of course

sjp is back in elle. having all the episodes of sex and the city is both wonderful and a burden, i'll tell you. i've got work to do, and i'm watching it now.


goodbye daul kim.




"...(What if) the field marshal brought to the cook not quail, but the body of a person he had shot? Would the moral circumstances of cooking and consumption still be utterly independent of this meal's aesthetic merit? Would this meal be well prepared if the thigh had been slow-roasted to an internal temperature of 165 degrees, or should it be 180? And is it only if the meat thermometer registers 200 that I may justifiably complain that this joint is 'badly cooked?' Is it 'simple-minded' of me to be unable to stomach, on any terms, the sight of this corprse on the table?" -Karen Hanson, "How Bad Can Good Art Be?"

this is what i'm reading this morning. ohhh, religious studies.




my classes are over after what seemed like an incredibly long week. even though i'm in religious studies, i really like that, for this semester anyway (what's left of it), my week ends with masculinities. today we spoke about (getting a little heavy here) jamaica kincaid's "my brother," and how you can view 'Love' in terms of race, gender, and sexuality (there's a lot more to it than that, but you know). we got to talking about a concept of 'unconditional love' and if such a thing even exists - when by definition love is usually predicated on a condition. i just really appreciate ending my week with something so different than all my other classes.

anyway...i love natalia and how natural she is here, very real. definitely check out the rest of the shoot here (nudity, careful).




i've been wanting to post these for a while. love, so much.


i dye

for the first time in a long time, i am enjoying an afternoon of no pressing work. this shoot for dazed & confused puts monochromatic clothes with crazy hair and celebrates color like how i am celebrating some free time. i love it!