a little jaune

i just can't explain how much i love this.



little man you're a king

west side story is one of the best musicals ever. vanity fair's new spread has a whole lot of people in it, playing the whole gang - jets, sharks, and all. west side story hasn't been this well revamped since those gap commercials in 2000.
(ps click on that first picture for a big detailed version)



ahh love

can't lie, i love mary kate. she always played the cooler one in the movies, and oh my god how could you not adore this look?


even more excited for july 16

i'm in love with these book covers, redesigned by m.s. corely, to look like original penguin books. i want them (even though they aren't real)!!

the art of m.s. corely


le fabulous

i wish that my hair could grow long like charlotte gainsbourg.

ps this post is of course dedicated to ruthie.



karl's house

it's good to know that the chanel king himself, karl lagerfeld, can appreciate the beauty that is the state of vermont. his new house on lake champlain is the setting for the chanel 2009 spring/summer campaign with heidi mount. bravo karl, we'll be stopping by soon.



all i need

when i have work upon work upon work, besides procrastinating to no end (online window shopping, my favorite unfulfilling pastime), many cups of tea have been my only refuge.

thank you tea.



the best time of year

the vanity fair hollywood portfolio, finally. it's been out (and i've had it) for a while, but now is the time to deem it pretty cool (yeah, it is).

vanity fair