too cool kate.




my friend braided the front of my hair the other day but it wasn't as nice as constance's...which was the fault of my hair, not her braiding skills. so pretty!



ahh (sigh of relief)

finished a tough week. fun visits this weekend, looking forward to that. really wondering how to do this eye makeup - if anyone knows, tell me immediately please! for some reason i'm a big fan of the coked-out look. also, made this deliciousness for dinner and enjoying it now.
i'm very pleased!
(pic source unknown)

ps rip j.d. salinger - if you haven't, go read catcher in the rye!


i don't know when i started to like shoes so much, but i really really do. need opinions on these - should i get them? they also come in black and i'm thinking maybe i should do those...



head case

need to do my thesis statement tonight, for real. not good times - it's giving me a headache.




so i'm basically suffocating due to all the work i have that is due in the next two days. one presentation based on two readings, one thesis statement and outline, one movie to watch and response to write. aaahhhh
but, heavily enjoying this fierce fierce fierce (terrifying) alexander mcqueen ad.


ps- while i may not have many readers, someone may know - i need help with formatting (want pictures to be big and lovely, not small)! also, could anyone make a custom header for me? xx


so fly.

this is my absolute favorite picture right now.



brush off

a whole lot of stress due to copious amounts of work. today my friend and i finished one 10 page reading which ended up taking 6 hours. unbelievable! however there's a bright side - few things can't be solved by a cadbury creme egg.


comic strip!

so lovely, cute, perfect. i need and want charlotte ronson from now on.

thanks to dear ru for translating serge gainsbourg.



"and it doesn't...include...a post-it!"

every time i see this episode of sex and the city (oops just gave away what i'm spending my night doing) i become re-obsessed with this vivienne westwood top and go on a mission to find something similar. tonight i found a couple likenesses - for outrageous prices of course.

vionnet, $1920.

camilla and marc, $550.

reasonable, no?

runway day

i'm so tired! long day, anyone else?



youth in revolt.

so yesterday i saw 'youth in revolt,' and i have to admit, i was unimpressed, as i predicted i would be. i read the book a long time ago, which was bizarre enough, and i was a little afraid that the movie would be a hipster tribute starring their king, michael cera. admittedly, i love him (mostly due to arrested development), and he very successfully played a different role - francois - other than awkward teen which he plays in most everything he stars in. he should do that more often. the movie fell short, i thought, and the script really didn't match the acting at all.

with that being said, it's hard to deny that he and portia doubleday didn't look very nice making the rounds promoting the movie. good stuff.



into the woods




diane does no wrong, even in crazy lagerfield (which i actually am loving here).


the greatest thing you'll ever learn...

...is just to love and be loved in return.

for my elective non-religions course, theater in the age of film and television, we watched moulin rouge for our first movie. i've always loved this movie, know the songs (elephant love medley, anyone?), and discussing it in a somewhat sophisticated capacity only affirmed this. it seamlessly transfers between film and theater styles, and is just fully unapologetic in its ridiculousness. nowhere does it stop to acknowledge its insanity - you're taken along for baz luhrmann's entire ride as though it is complete bizarre reality. adore adore.