what, another? and pants.

dear sparse lovely readers-
i have decided, hesitantly, to make a tumblr, for the purposes of putting up images and other fun things that aren't necessarily as appropriate for this blog. this doesn't mean i won't be updating that's pretty cool...yeah, it is - on the contrary, i think i've really started to find what i want to do with this blog and am liking the direction it's going in. i've put the link to my tumblr over on the side under "round 2" or just here (http://thatsprettycool.tumblr.com/) and am hoping that you'll take a look, and that you'll be entertained. thank you for your continued patronage!
in the meantime, enjoy some hasty pictures of some amazing crazy pants i acquired over the weekend!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Image and video hosting by TinyPic


jillybean said...

love the pants - oh so much

lib said...

hahah, love 'em. they remind me of a pair of pants i had in fourth grade... just as cool now as they were then.

Ruthie said...

this is fantastic news. and obv fantastic pants.